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龙山寺 Long Shan Si

I’m green I guess. Who wouldn’t be? There are supposed to be plans to build a 360 million dollar “Shao lin temple” in australia, replete with all kinds of hotel and amenities. That would be a impressive place to serve. Huge like disneyland and no shortages or disruptions ever. Frequent new robes. I have not given up on our goal of a one million dollar shao lin sanctuary here in the southwest, but we are not any closer to our goal than the megalith down under is.

We did not want a nut hut, we are wanting a shao lin sanctuary that is for shao lin and all gong fu, more like Fukien temple was at one time. A one million dollar reservation that all could visit and take part in building, rotate on residencies, begin to piece together everything possible about the western diaspora at least on this continent and of course, host events to the benefit of the ones whose event it is. A southwestern park that is geared to the Shao lin more than their fans, where what comes in has a bow, some truly great moves and excellence towards each other in common and the rest? Heaven knows, but we would find out.

An exercise in monks and monastery, not presentation. A reinforcement of tradition and honor for the benefit of each other, surely as important as the things and time shared with the rest of the world. To serve in the documenting, advancement and guidance of gong fu in the west if possible, but exist as a sanctuary first, foremost and as such remain. Not even shops. If you need clothes go to the clothing room, food will be in the dining hall and herbs in the dispensary. Like normal as it should be. No souvenir t-shirts. In buildings of local material similar but not imitative of chinese pagodas but matching the natural environment here.

In the first part of the last century we got shao lin masters and in the last part of the last century, lo here came more. There is no house pledged to receive all in honor as such and it is time for a continent of pai houses and temples to have a hall and a repository. A place where they arrive knowing the customs and fall in as if at home. Where the circle of blessing is exchanged and “strong friendship brings good fortune” as chinese astrology might say.

Going to take a miracle without a hotel and doughnut shop. But who knows? There sometimes are such things even these days and I sometimes wonder if we will not be sipping happy dragon tea whilst doing flying tiger twirls in the 1 million dollar “hotel”, before they get the pro shop up down undet the way it seems to be going for them. A massive thing difficult to do. I do not think a monk-astery will be quite as difficult.

May these words inspire and give joy & peace ~

Oh!   龙山寺 “Long Shan Si” that means Dragon Mountain Monastery. Dragons are big with gong fu people

(Here is a collection of articles about the Australian project at kung fu magazine:

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