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Depression & the Victory Garden

Economics has become the driving force of our country and the way it is looking, the road ahead could be challenging for awhile to say the least. We have been through hard times before and one of American’s great strengths was their own garden. While today we have more people who have never gardened, we have supplies and seeds like never before and many people already grow one or more species just for enjoyment. I think the most important occupation for most Americans right now is their greenhousing and gardening.

Herbariums and crucial medical cropping can not be overlooked. Nutrtion and protection from elements, creatures often microscopic and infectious disease are vital to preventing critical malnutrition and the other long term and permanent ravages of depression. The dna burn of the last depression is still visible today in places hardest hit. Now, plants like spinach are a valuable, needed medicine and you will need to make some vinegar for it too. This used to be common even in my lifetime. Spinach in the garden and a crock of vinegar in the basement. Start out with something you think is good or might be for motivation. Delight and intrigue are great learning motives. Pick something that has a high nutrition, medical, utility or enjoyment value so that you can tangibly benefit from and appreciate right now your journey back to grandmother’s garden. She was trickier than you think and adept at making something out of nothing. Grandfather’s shed had a number of things that are simpler than people think and partly your own flair. Hopefully you’ve already been at it. If not its a good time to start. One thing people should consider first is that if everybody grows potatos, that’s all there is to eat. Get to know others and plant/seed/start trading clubs and local garden/herb associations. You can very nearly pick anything and you will have a growing market for it, pun and all. The internet provides more distance contact and trade by more people than ever before, but look at the local supply and be in the know of what is around if trade slows down. Or we can only afford a few things. Start your seed bank with a little bit of a lot of things and be sure to get sage, mints, greek oregano, chili peppers and all the easy spices that are a larger and more healthy part of our intake which we take for granted. Generally speaking, the more spices in the dish the healthier it is. Herb spices and peppers are among the easiest and more delightful crops that grow well in pots. Flourescent grow lights and the new led efficiency lights are two cooler, lower energy alternative to the great sun bulbs you might use on larger plants or areas. Every low temp, lower energy light you can use is a plus in most home horticulture.

Learn about composting and liquid plant foods and powders. Practice every type and phase of gardening now so you can easily adapt what and how your garden grows. A good first crop might be onions, garlic, horseradish, tomatos, jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers and chilis. Cilantro herb as well. That provides the basis of a great salsa that is very healthy. If you can take lots of horseradish and hot pepper, it’s a quality anti bacterial and anti parasite salsa as well. Onions, potatos, carrots and corn are a home made beef stew crop and if we think about complete circles, we can identify easier ways even we can capitalize on our extra space and time. Here @BorderBotanicals a flower pot or tub is stuck in most open places and we’re looking for a larger place. Spring has sprung and it’s already hot here in South New Mexico, where we are always growing something good every month of the year. Learn to grow something good to you every month of the year and enjoy life more abundantly!