The War on Drugs & Drugs in War.

(Vital Nutrition against Critical Malnutrition & Plants against Poisons)

The government’s recent political and especially economic wars have translated into some cockeyed effects on the people. As usual, they have assigned blames and commanded stricter restrictions. 100’s of millions in cartel profits translates into “guidelines say only 70 year olds with cancer can have a vicodan. One.” Adding insult to injury and injury as well in many cases.
That most people anticipate food and medical shortages in the near future, foisting a drug war on citizens seems all the more myopic and obtuse? Weaken your friends and increase their dependence on everybodys enemies?? How can anyone hope to do well less prepared and “dumber” than one’s enemies? Even if there were superior commercial options (largely, not) there sure wouldn’t be enough of any one thing to go around. It takes more than potatos and tomatoes to maintain the whole human and make the world go ’round. Fads & fanaticism are transient diversions and are too often exhausting.
Meanwhile, the professionals involved, the cartel, grows in numbers, territory, wealth, arms and influence. The drug gangs effectively run mexico and there has never been more imported cocaine and heroin. Tightening prescription guides, harassing patients, “pain management”, cranking down on already cranked down guides and all testing and trials have not slowed the illicit or imported flow down one bit. To what degree it may have even contributed? Who can say? (I should hope they wouldn’t) The only priority, all other external concerns aside, is that American citizens are robust and produce in adequate amounts their selves what may be unaffordable or even at times unobtainable. That is a priority that makes sense, can be achieved and matters at home. Home matters more than the world and it is time to make them and ourselves shine again. Time to take pride in our food acumen and make an art of robustly healthy dishes and home processed food and health items. Time to take greater possession of our own food choices and be extremely selective about where our foods come from.
People need Opium.
People knew this for 12,000 years and thought having it was evidence of a better life and higher civilization. Look at their pillar tops.
100 years ago, for some reason likely financial, someone thought making one kid the “hall monitor” to sign for others sounded like a good idea, but it hasn’t seemed to change the human being much and if anything, has broadly commercialized and industrialized what was dominated by small farmers and merchants.
The government’s current approach burdens the citizen too much, while the worst of gangs and foriegn drug cartels thrive and further encroach.

Without Opium, Kratom, Marijuana and Organic source commodities
– Autoimmune people take more life shortening damage and worse chemical drugs, if they are allowed to have them. Potentially lethal “dmrd” drugs are all but forced. The patient is often not allowed to choose.
– injury people take more physical damage and endure poorer health and quality of life.
– People take worse and more severe drugs, when a much milder thing they were actually made of would do better.
– People’s central nervous system and muscles as well as organs are left more vulnerable to the ravages of toxins and war.
– People’s digestive system, most often the origin site of disases, is left more vulnerable to morbid stress, damage and the ravages of war

In fact, historically, wars consume much more drugs and alcohol of all kinds than peace? Especially hashish, opium/opiates and stimulants. The lower percentage of people who are overly self defeating aside, people who have war drugs in war* do better, rest better, eat better, are able to adapt better and are apt to suffer less infectious disease and be less vulnerable to them.
*I exclude stimulants from our list of comforts and remedies, we are mere mortals. The colonel would disagree and be largely interested in what enhancement performance enhancers have gained since last time. The DuPont-grizzly-bear-ninja is a reality and these days, quite an art.

So we arrive then full circle, back at the place we began. Acquiring our own oregano, garlic, peppers and pot or suffering the lacks and let downs we always risk when we put our health, food, drink and education in the hands of others.
When there are less than 3 billion people, our supplies are overflowing, of course we are less wary of civic benefits and public good “bonus features”. It’s a sign of prosperity when the regular families just get that extra boost, thanks of a greatful nation.
But when there are over 8 billion people, half of which are dependents, it is better to make one’s own biscuit and brew one’s own rootbeer. When storms can be severe for whatever reason and wipe out whole crops, its better if not all the crops were being grown in that region. People who grew onions this year won’t be much affected by the onion shortage. Onion is a very important staple. So are peppers, oregano, sage and many other shelf items of the happy healthier home that we could and should be making.
Eating during plague and war is a thanksgiving of overly spiced “tonic” dishes and bolstering snacks & beverages. It is a hearty time. A wholesome time when you are what you eat is a celebration. Get ready for the party now and have one this Spring anyway. Plant and grow 3 or 4 spices and at least 3 or 4 foods now. Today I am doing sugar beets. They’re delicious, healthful and as the name implies, can be easily cooked down into beet sugar. In pioneer days in America, beet sugar was easier to get than cane sugar and white sugar was a Christmas luxury. Now the common white sugar, worst of all, dominates all other sugars except corn sugar, that is in most packaged food products.
Like making and wrapping beef jerky for storing, there is a satisfaction in processing ones own produce for ones own table. Producing and braiding up that garlic, growing and hanging the oregano are physical reassurances one gives one’s self against the anxieties of encroaching disease & pestilance. The practical knowledge of strength one has in one’s hands. Always good. Old ways are still solid ways and old things often enough seem better.
Beyond gmo, as they see the results of these genetically modified crops, people have been seeking Right Research & Development of species. It has been there all along and while gmo was limited, their methods are usuable by all and enjoying their rightful re-emergence as the superior scientific and natural method.

The Potato Woman of New Mexico
Selecting a potato of superior nutritional quality, but lacking commercial appeal Stephanie Walker cultivated the papacriolla and is bringing forth a superior agrcultural crop that has commercial appeal.
“Stephanie Walker, New Mexico State University Extension vegetable specialist and researcher, displays one of the papa criolla type potato plants during harvest of a trial plot in Los Lunas on June 30. NMSU and the University of Florida are collaborating with U.S. Department of Agriculture breeding project that is developing the nutritious South American potato to be raised in the United States.”

The European Species Development project
Due to declined levels of nutrient and alkaloid contents of european cultivars*, efforts to selectively cultivate superior adaptive versions of crucial species.
The european papaver has been selectively developed to return to standardized levels in industry. 24% had fallen over decades to 12-14% levels, half the common industry standard. Concientious horticulture brought forth an adaptive strain first appearing at 27%, more than the most recent commercial standard. Later, this strain jumped to 34% and is currently being studied by numerous plant and drug specialists.

*Europe has been gardening since before they painted it on cave walls. Compared to America’s 300 years.

The radical Greenhousing and Chicken cooping of America has already begun. Jump in now and practice with pleasure. Discover your talents and cater to your tastes. Economizing is not buying what people make at home. Greenhouse suppliers like FarmTek are HUGE now, but as always, even the poorest of us can find ways and means. The catalogues are a luxury of speed only some of us can afford. All of us can still grow. Niche & Specialty crops are in demand and more recently, the demand for garlic that comes from Western gardens. China has been the number #1 exporter of garlic, but culinary interest has shifted to explore varieties at home.
Imagine something good to eat and grow it. Look at things you don’t want to lack and grow them. Enjoy!
Bon apetit’!

PS – Bit of history from the last prohibition. Oh no, not again…

An Opium Eaters Soliloquy

I’d been cheered up, at my chandoo-shop, for years at least two-score,
To perform my daily labour, and was never sick or sore,
But they said this must not be;
So they’ve passed a stern decree,
And they’ve made my chandoo-seller shut his hospitable door.

If I’d only cultivated, now, a taste for beer and gin,
Or had learnt at pool or baccarat my neighbour’s coin to win,
I could roam abroad o’ nights,
And indulge in these delights,
And my soul would not be stigmatized, as being steeped in sin.

But mine’s a heathen weakness for a creature-comfort far
Less pernicious than their alcohol, more clean than their cigar,
They have sent their howlings forth
From their platform in the North,
And ‘twixt me and my poor pleasure have opposed a righteous bar.

— Sir Patrick Hehir, M.D.
London, 1894.


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