“I See Fire”

How can we not? Is it the birth pains of a new, tv utopia world? Utopias are never real and socialists always fail? The very wealthy get wealthier and the downstream inherits the whirlwind. In fact, several socialist countries are failing in a domino effect now that will have europeans coming here? It rather undeniably looks like things that preceded the last depression and world war, except all at once and with unprecedented conditions. (No one rushes out to say it isn’t so.)

The Communist Goals for America – It is everywhere and already worse than you might imagine: http://neprimer.com/1963ComGoals.htm

The more social diversions get juicier and ridiculous political topics are pushed as “all important!”, the more I notice the biological world falling out from under us and lethal conditions rise around the globe. The more I see that indeed, ALL politicians only seem interested in grabbing cash, as if they will never face scrutiny, the more I think maybe they never will? They seem to be fully cognizant of and acting on, what they seem to be doing their best to keep from the public. Not only “It’s all OK.” Public Announcements with “oh no! Stay indoors!” Emails to associates, they exhibit grab-n-dash behaviors and blatantly pile on the social burden as if…..as if it’s not going to matter anyway? At least to them, for some reason.

The more I see, the more apprehensive I am about conditions in the United States over the next 10 years. What a great “distraction” food shortages and disease outbreaks will be. Later this year….and continuing for the forseeable future. The fact that the pacific ocean has already died and all it’s creatures are going extinct, is less important than the idiotic babblings of Maxine Waters, senator of the State with highest aids and child cancer, deeply concerned about illegals and white male privelege. (Nobody can actually be that stupid. Close, but not that despicably stupid, just despicable.) More and more people avoiding west coast foods and especially fish, is less important than bizzarre bathroom causes. In the end, the reality that all of California, Florida and New York are not going to get insurance settlements from anybody as a result of contamination will be the same. That’s already pretty clear. It is how the powers will drive the sinking boats of these States down, that remains a curiosity. Likewise, Arkansas, New Mexico and 3 other States will simply crash out economically. Probably shortly after millions of invaders from the mega cities flood, infect, contaminate and overwhelm them. Next year. Louisiana and Mississippi are already under duress.

1966 plan for crashing a country. Welfare kills:

The immediate need for re-establishing true living abilities, home made living and real viability, kind of makes whatever jerry brown and the land of anarchy or la raza are doing seem miniscule. Because comparitively, they are. The ability to feed your people and keep them free from infectious disease, the first steps of having a people at all, are Americans real first priority, right now. World conditions deterorate continuously and will not get better, will not see a “recovery”. Because it’s mathematically, scientifically impossible. The UN will not invade America to “save” it, they will try to invade it to save their own naturally doomed selves. We will see conflicts and extended wars as countries who were living by a false thread or weren’t much living at all fight to survive in circumstances where many won’t. We will see whole industries collapse as the ability to sell poisonous food drops off to no food to sell. Trillions of dollars have gone into propping up, what could never stand, for as long as possible, resulting in magnifying those same problems to a much worse end result. Except for them of course.


The Number One User Friendly Free Database: Sayer Ji’s GreenMedInfo.com

Meanwhile, the Klamath lake, symbol of bio health and holiness, empties into the pacific via the Klamath river. Salmon go up the Klamath river in their famous spawning runs – except the salmon have collapsed and the runs are now a thing of history: http://enenews.com/most-catastrophic-fisheries-collapse-in-history-expected-along-west-coast-official-this-is-a-nightmare-i-have-never-in-my-life-dreamed-that-it-could-get-this-bad-threat-o

Right now, our country is enduring, by degree and location, these burdens:

Radiation from mining and plant failures
– Fukushima, WIPP, Porter Ranch (making, storing and mining)
Evolving Pervasive Pathogens
– Tsunami bacteria, antibiotic failure, irradiated virus, transplanting of infected foriegn populations (alleged “refugees”and illegals)
Chemical Poisoning
– gmo, aerosol spraying, drugs & vaccines

Considering all the above, even at the most minimal levels, compare that to 50 years ago when such things were unheard of outside area 51.
When you realize every pathogen is a commercial opportunity, you see an industry ready to profit and conveniently benefitting from a helpless population, no matter what the outcome for that population is.

Know what this is? /pending/ That is the flag that lets you know a 35 year medical veteran and professor of Advanced Medicine is being “censored” in specifically medical conversations with other doctors. An environment where frank discussion at the top of the professional level is kept there, is normal. To manually silence physicians and scientists from pointing out the obvious, because it detracts from the industrial narrative is not normal. How many senior physicians and scientists are being “pending” besides infectious diseases? Besides ethics and exploitative social policies or vaccine safety? Because they are certainly being censored in all of those. The recent “opium epidemic!” is just setting up major cash flows around opium and addiction. More “necroconomy” requiring more bodies processed to get paid. (Necroconomy is human body based industry, private prisons, camps, homes, crime and drug profits, general “body handling” wherein the body is of the least concern.)

Today’s diet is not about great strength, weight control, taste or vanities. It is literally about defensive eating and living under an increasing cloud of poisons heading for critical. Here, man and beast alike consume 15 things / per day, to fend off the effects of abundant bacteria, agricultural poisons and radiation. Already.
Greater dietary independence and health keeps help from being worse on top of bad. The best position to be in is not to need help at all and to be an asset to those around you. Foods, health, basics of survival will all increase in demand. Better if possible to be a supplier of even one high demand commodity.


Strictly Medicinal has over 400 seeds & plants for the medical herbarium: http://www.StrictlyMedicinalSeeds.com Home of medicinal plant author Rico Cech

You are on your side, there is really no side to join. Arabia, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, UNICEF, none of these are going to show up at your door, glad you are an American, with all your answers. Few of us have a million dollars to throw at arc efforts which would include us either. If we are fortunate to find and buy into such a tribe, we should. Better to sit bored in the bushes smoking than to starve infected in the street, like people who currently make 600k a year are worried about doing. Next year. But with certainty, you are your friend and moving towards a better place to be tmorrow is a very good idea now.

Jerry Gettle has hundreds of beans and hundreds of other heirloom seeds in their impressively huge collection:  http://www.rareseeds.com

Whether we expect to be nomadic or stuck where we are, we need to prepare and adapt accordingly. It is better to be up one day before a depression that didn’t happen, than to wake up to one you thought was abated. If you can, just plan to hide for awhile. Blessed are those who’s needs are met at home, on a forgotten road. Yet everybody can respond, perchance to make that one thing or our handful of skills that make all the difference.

Things that will not happen or will not happen like people imagine:
“It’s America? People will pass out rations and stuff?”

“People will rally to help each other. It’s America?”

“The military will know what to do.”

“The government has to help us.”

In the last depression, the majority were on farms or one step from them. All had numerous living skills and recalled “real” life as primitive and modern living as “made up” for convenience and “labor saving”. Farms were numerous and were even forbidden to grow food, there was still so much. Black people hated communists and a “democrat” was a white farmer or factory line worker.
In this depression, the vast majority are utterly dependent on modern living and conveniences have become their complete reality. They have zero actual living skills and no reverence for or knowledge of their environment. Like islam and feckless countries, they can only be locusts. A democrat is a communist, socialist or other enemy of American society or is an icon of fringe groups that demand prominence.

Those differences boil down to people who could remember how to live and struggled vs people with no idea how to live at all, should the card and corner store go off. The damage to the environment these people will do in their 11th hour efforts is unprecedented in it’s scope. Will millions who can only ravage and still not make it, be let loose all over every part of the country? From every direction, yes. They will be allowed to mindlessly, pointlessly destroy what is left for everyone. It will be up to individual States how to respond and all States can expect a great deal of pressure to make self defeating decisions in a difficult time. The more you and your family/neighbors can prepare to feed and provide health items for yourselves, the more you are insulating yourself from truly terrible conditions.

New Mexico is home to multiple nutrition and health projects, among them is a huge (several football fields?) Native marijuana project:

ACOMA PUEBLO, N.M. (KRQE) – Crews are expected to start work on a greenhouse the size of 100 football fields, about an hour west of Albuquerque.

Inside, workers will grow 40 million medicinal plants a year, including marijuana.

The massive greenhouse on the Acoma Pueblo will be used for research and in turn, bring hundreds of jobs to the state.

A state of the art, greenhouse facility to grow medical marijuana will soon find a home on the Acoma Pueblo.”

But really, you’re going to have to grow a lot more than marijuana to live and to avoid the misery of lack or critical malnutrition. So will the Acoma pueblo when the bottom falls out of the pot business. Starvation and devastating malnutrition has happened before in our country. The signs of it are still visible today. Hope you do well in the days to come & Best wishes in preparing and taking satisfaction in your preparations, like people used to. Like they are again already.


SOtEM Medical Horticulture

We are seeking funding to establish a health centered botanical garden, horticulture & therapea for Cloudcroft, NM. Cloudcroft is a perfect environment to expose people to the beauty of plant species and their common benefits. Tourism will help fund maintenace of gardens and greenhouses. The environment will make gourmet & medicinal mushroom displays possible and local culinary establishments will have access to local gourmet species.
– Cloudcroft is beautiful and attracts a middle class tourism with its skiing, activities and dining establishments
– The Atmosphere is relaxing and serene
– Interactive Attractions displaying native species and well known exotics would also allow guests to take a bit of gourmet home through herb & mushroom kits, live plants and finished botanical gifts.
2017-2018 Funding & Project Goals

All funding supports other SOtEM projects
Cloudcroft Gardens $1,000,000.00
NM Greenhouse & Garden Initiative <$250,000.00>
Independence, MO HQ <$150,000.00>
Ozarks Sanctuary Gardens <$500,000.00>
Total SOtEM projects for 2017: $1,900,000.00


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