2 Kinds of Reverence

Ancient & Effervescent.

Both are vital or life doesn’t last very long and isn’t worth living while it does. Ancient Reverence never changes. It was there at the first sunrise, giving Glory and Thanks to the Ancient of Days. It’s great power of steadfastness is also its potential weakness. Like a statue, it’s position is immovable. Effervescent Reverence can change every day, be completely unabashedly spontaneous, an expression at the edge of the next moment, because that is a most important vital truth too.

Consider the flowers of the field, such a miraculous gift to man. Ancient Reverence always plants in the correct seasonal time, catering to the flower and adept at all those things which please it, urging it to thrive by serving it according to its nature. Because of steadfast consistency, loyalty and the virtues, many wonders and feats are achieved and even the weaker of the flowers come to their own fruition. This is a proof of the love of God. (The flower is taken as the proof of the love of God towards his creatures.)
The Effervescent Reverence knows little ancient wisdom, remembers few songs, traditions or laws. It bursts forth daily immersed in the identity of that very time and moment. Broadcasting seeds of it’s wonder and joy wildly, like spores to all points of the compass, by wind, water and wayfarer. It is history in the making, a cataclysm that Ancient Reverence will, one far future day, preserve and keep also. When it’s glory has become a scroll, a testament too precious to lose. Effervescent Reverence spreads seeds wildly, everywhere, with full faith that good will come. That whatever comes is proof of the blessing of God. It is proof of the divine will, reflected through it’s mortal creatures. All heaven is laughter and spirits “on the go”, except for the all pervading presence of God.
These are identical to the faiths in the contemplative, not one or the other, but both in one body, harmoniously working together for that complete reverence which so satisfies the soul. Oh what true dread is the thought of being stuck in one, blind to the other. Half empowered, half complete. Half hungry and mad all the time. Furiously burning on one necessary expression, without the all saving other, that makes us both human and divine, both truths denying the fixation of the other.

All nature is put together this way. The fool and the hermit are both the practical knowlege of the magician. Hierophant is an office. Bah! That has nothing to do with pure Enkidu. It is odious to honest Gilgamesh. These two friends are the servants of God. Ancient Reverance and Effervescent Reverence. Both declarations in manifest action that “God is true”.

The Ancient renews itself via Effervescense and the Effervescent maintains itself via the Ancient. They do not merely affirm, they also require each other. The power of life and the power of renewal are the gods these two great faiths follow, serve, sense to be true or perhaps think “worthy to be true”. The thousand year old family banner has an heir standing beneath it, bearing the Ancient and once again all Effervescent. Another renewal who would not suffer history at all, if it were not so important to navigating the ever oncoming future.

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“The old wizard Hasish had a sore on his toe and
Though they all knew it, not one priest would go.
So the people went in and saved all the day,
Because life without hashish is all priests, too gay.”

Only at the end of a great age, the finality of an era, do ancient and effervescent unite finally; every awareness amassing all it’s atoms to burn brightly out the glorious spelling of it’s own name. What, who and all it was, like a white hot beacon, in the face of it’s being no more and still more. Shedding the cloak of vaguery for the absolute being it has forged or abandoning what it forged to become it’s absolute again. Maybe neither, shining anyway. If humble in the presence of God, not at all so on the journey toward. The soul is a place where being a leaf on a breeze and an olympic salmon swimmer is not the least bit strange nor in any way awkward, but rather the most graceful of self creating choreographies. It still touches the plane of absolutes and was made to dwell in the vaguery of manifestation, even if temporarily. It is capable of dwelling immunely in any expression of life. It bears witness to the fate of the life it became, perhaps with infinite compassion. Perhaps with complete indifference. Perhaps in a place where both at once is not strange at all. A place that knows there is some sort of necessary separation, a required other side of the rainbow. Some ancients saw the rainbow as a bridge to heaven for souls, that even mortals occaisionally crossed, which appeared after the renewing rains. On the other side of the bridge, the view is different.

Ancient faith and renewing faith, faith in forever things and faith in stability amidst constant, violent change are necessary tools man made first to cope with evolution, later to cope with the rises and falls of the babylons he created. Now, to bear witness to more than man has ever witnessed, with more eyes than have ever been on earth altogether. The flesh beckons the spirit automatically in such times. The spirit comes to the aid of the flesh because that is what is required and there is nothing else for it. Ancient spirit immovable, Effervescent spirit looking looking and a business of busy all over the place. You can see how both are required. Will be required more as the external falls away.

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