1/4 of American Physicians & Nurses are Evil Teletubbies?

The recent beating and dragging of Dr Dao from a United Airlines (no surprise) flight, so that united could put staff in those seats, raised a much more critical alarm than the bludgeoning of poor Dr Dao. It revealed that a horrifying percentage of United States MD’s (and Nurses!) are no longer in any way the “spearhead of humanity”, but rather read like terrifying, angry khafka enforcement zombies. There are a number of very seriously troubling aspects about that.

The very first of course is that these natures are even physicians, except perhaps in some of earths more miserable places? Analyzing these posts not only sickened me for the sheer orwell, it angered me that these people are such mid-witted, self serving and selfish traitors. But it worried me most for the future of the world. Thug culture has spread from the street into business, law and now, God help us, medicine.
You won’t see “all” Drs here; you will see physicians and “care providers” ie, a number of them have taken on the semblance and manner of the “insurance term” that describes them. Not only that, it’s clear that a number are ACA prototypes, ie “even worse”. Why is that alarming? Because that is also how they think about and treat you. That is also the “permission” they give thugs and criminals to treat everybody even worse. To not only erode rights and respect, to destroy morale, sense of security and aesthetic quality of life across the board. The even more laughably tragic is the stupider child, who instead of fearing and loathing what his alleged “colleagues” did to a man on a plane, rather think how “cool” they would look in one of those “THX1138” outfits:

thx 1138 cops3
In America, we are innocent until proven guilty, which is good because it protects us from our own doctors:

Dr. Robert Argo|  Internal Medicine 2 days ago
This seems simple, and I am not swayed by how he was removed from the plane.  He was told to leave, and that is what he was required to do by law, by his agreeing to the rules regarding the purchasing of his ticket.  He didn’t do what he was told, and thus, the way he ended up being removed was his own fault.  If I was on his jury, I would award him nothing, and would make him pay legal fees!”

….That loony, viscious, punishing thing – is some sick American’s “tender mercies”. He has already judged and planned execution and the ONLY thing he actually knows is: somebody disagreed with a petty authority figure, no matter what they demanded, “legal”, rights or not. To physical damage ie “I would award him nothing, and would make him pay legal fees!” in the case of this wretch Argo.

images (40)

Another perfect horror:

Roberta Green, RN 7 days ago
“It appears the passenger had a drug related seizure and bit his own tongue.  None of the handling by staff would explain the extent of bleeding, especially from the mouth.

The passenger should have been given a drug screen by the EMTs at the scene.  He may have been in withdrawal.”

This would explain his determination to return home, the source of his drugs.”

That horrible stinking beast, ladies and gentlemen, identified itself as an RN. My God!
Not one of her statements is true? But it is clear what her “policies, attitudes and TACTICS” are and they would be the same viscious lies if you crossed her. OR she even imagined you did, eh?

In court and ostensibly, grown up professional land, using unrelated “ad hominem” to the full and vulgar level of the mainstream press, is a sign of (one would think?) at least ignorance, stupidity and indeed real danger….among so-called “medical professionals”. Bad taste and low class come second to fear of “tactics” which, if they will use on Dao, they will use on you without hesitation. Indeed, the situation is such already that any number of patients reading this might say “So they treat everybody that way all over, not just me”

Again, we see how RN Roberta Green repeats & re-inforces her tactis stubbornly, (like a pro) as if it would make any of it true:
“Photos show he was bleeding while still seated. I suspect the passenger had a drug related seizure and banged his head against the window.  Was he determined to return home to his drug supply…”

images (39)

In America, the courts decide cases and to say or print ad hominem that one can not back up is “libel & slander”….isn’t it? Not for some of these creatures and not for a major news outlet supposedly geared towards medical professionals. (That is another whole Dr Mengele monster house of its own) The blatant efforts of the press to harm this man and his case are typical of that sleaze? But his own colleagues? For apparently little more than personal “virtue signaling” and what often enough appear to be plain jealousy and resentment? 3 out of 4 US medical professionals still appear to have the intelligence, background, maturity, dignity and ethics that our National Historical Standard expects. It is these 1 in 3 complete inversions and “providers” that they must embarassingly, unfairly and insultingly share title with. It is these more system and control freak oriented what? Weaklings? Soft heads? Completely mad and viscious Pre-commies…that should insult and alarm us all. I dread to think what is going on out there in medicine. It has come to be barbaric, brutal, exploitative, ruthless, toxic, utterly self justifying, utterly dehumanizing and conveniently lethal. But, take heart that 3 out of 4 Drs & Nurses still seem to be and to be on your side. I think it’s important to keep coming back to that, lest the infantile wretchedness of the fewer make us think so of the lot.
There is a war and also a crashing down going on in American medicine right now and if one looks a little reflectively, one can see many features of it in the snapshot case of Dr Dao and the snapshot professional ways of some of his colleagues. I honestly lost sight of Dao. It seemed small compared to the starkness of the shrinking medical fraternity and increasing “pod group” behaviors and attitudes among people we have here who daily hold life and death in their hands! Beware America. If medical people are treating you meanly and you think they aren’t supposed to, find somebody else fast. Never give anything to buckled in, cranky safety seat people.
It’s really not funny, but haha and God Bless America and Watch over Worthy Americans. Amen.

images (38)


Examples drawn from medscape, pushing politicized, industry serving euthanasia medicine and preaching the communist goals daily: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/878496


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