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Imperial Dragon

MAGA Mega Sale, Month of July
$5 ozs / all strains!

4 oz $20 free priority shipping!
8 oz $35 free priority shipping!
1 lb $70 free priority shipping!

*Chocolate Borneo
*Chocolate Malay

Green Borneo
Green Bentuangie

Yellow Malay
Yellow Maeng Da

Ultra Red Maeng Da
Red Hulu

Sale includes the “Infinity” Line
Red & White strains!

5 Strain Samplers $20 includes priority shipping!

Our Select Strains will Win your side-by-side comparisons

Mail Order Only at this time. Credit Card Sales Available Soon! (You can also use GreenDot money cards from Walgreens & other locations. We will ship when you send card payment #)

Order Directly and we will pack your order for same day shipping!

*Schools, Shops and larger orders please write for quote. Our entire line of Herbs, Mushroom Extracts & Health Products will be Available for Resale Soon.

*Chocolate describes a fermented, slow cure kratom that enhances the regular relaxing properties of select Red strains.
It is a “Red-er” Red.