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I retired from a life of medicine and ministry to return to my first real “organized religion”, Shao Lin gong fu. In the Midwest of the 1970’s you would think we were saturated in religion. In Independence, MO we certainly were. But those religions only hinted at life out of our reach. One sensed all human potential simply stifled, not really guided or let be.

The immediate presence and acknowledgement of all life and the life force  was “the living well” for me. Temple organization and customs conducive to that “fountain of living waters” so distant before. I drank Luke I had never been around people that made one bit of sense before in my life. I did have farm and other skills at 12 as well as an advanced reading level, all of which gong fu called forth to be harmonized and refined. When my life began it’s trek backwards towards the beginnings of my experiences, I still did not imagine I would retire to my first and last service. It could never have been any different.

All the houses of gong fu are a home to me. The sanctuary we seek to establish will preserve and forward our line, allowing us the grace to give back before G-d the best of what has been given to us as we make our way greatfully back towards original self. Outfitting those who begin an extraordinary adventure with every power of life and self. What we take from the great temple is what we give out. How we live in the temple causes us to live in great beauty, strength, knowledge and peace. To wish such grace for all life and the whole world, as much as it can stand.

A great labor daily paid with enthusiasm and gratitude, to G-d, Master, Country, Self ~ to life.

A Shao Lin must keep and be “most his self” to honor his life and all he encounters. He must be at one with all to move gracefully in responding to all he perceives with success. It is a song of life so loud the stones vibrate and so silent even the smallest song can be heard in the whole earth. “It’s what we do” and you can see why so many have devoted their lives to it’s perpetuation.

I believe many more will. They will take on, preserve and pass on all we have kept. I honor them.

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Visit Dragon Temple Shop


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