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A long way to a Shao Lin Cottage

“Hard and soft, light and heavy, inner and outer, kung fu is flowing through all these things in a continuous, dynamic state of desire for harmony. A harmony of forces is a priest’s power; the power of the whole earth because he rightly cooperates with the harmony of all power.” A priest has power over the whole earth because he accepts it’s demands and pays it’s prices, rather than seeking to disregard it by trying to overpower what men do not have the strength to. Can anyone overpower their life? No. If they seem to, it was the life they attained that was them. It was their cooperation with power.

If all persons loved the true technology of nature more than man made and faulty aberrations, a priest would not be discernable from anyone else and everyone would share in living power and joy. At one time not so long ago, but far back, we did. We have seen and been so much in the last 100 years, it has brought us back to a place where to some “speaking from the heart” is a too rare and even more desirable trait. In every generation, people are sold a deal that never turns out like it was supposed to be. However in these accelerated times, having had so much that is artificial shoved forcefully upon us, returning to ourselves as humans would seem like an edifying thing. A foot on the earth can still stand tip-toe as it reaches for stars. Having no foundation or net at all, we can’t recover too easily from the falls life is subject to. From the heights we have sailed to, the down is pretty far. Hopefully, we can glide closer to the earth ourselves before we have to drop.

It is a legend of priesthood that one day man will, despite all the most impossible odds, join all life in the sky and in the earth creating a haven for souls where now a wasteland and a battle ground exists. The Jews call that “tikkun olam”, to repair the world and the species thereby. Others simply call it right living and repair now all that can be, piece by piece, not waiting for a great day or movement that rarely seems to come. When it comes if it does, we will already be there. If it never comes, then it was there in us all along. Because of this, any monks simple actions seem large when they are small and things which are small seem as large as them. They exhibit the equanimity of life. “Such is the manner of heaven ~ “

I have never managed the isolation and austerity many have. I have patched my own way along, towards the home I was taught to make. Someday. The serenity of a shao lin cottage. Each piece, even the pegs therapeutic. A circumference within which harmony and happiness resonates. It will be a long time. I may never, like many, make it.

I have friends littler than me and clients older and weaker. I have not been alone in a long time and G-d’s grace holding it will be some time before I am alone again. There is nothing that makes me live for the Glory of the Divine or I am sure I would protest it. I do what my nature demands. When I heal or comfort others I am healing and comforting myself as well. It is not always so, but if we do it anyway, we know it matters beyond our self and we contribute. When I heal or comfort myself, what is around me is healed and comforted too. If one heals and comforts yet feels only loss and does it only for “alms” they rob their self. Even giving alms to another is a two way street. A temporary purchase of “alright” between both parties. But those who withdraw from that get no gain and expend until their own resources go dry. If we follow our nature, we only lose the battles we were going to, not a thousand more we invited going against our own self. My nature is towards these refugee creatures and those who aid them. In that respect, I am already in a very fine shao lin cottage. Even if I never make it, I will have made it anyway.

Some things in life are not so vague, ephemeral or mysterious. Anyone can think about what “self defeating” may mean in their life. Even a child knows what is wrong to it and makes crucial decisions about right and wrong, truth and less than. The harder road will always be worth the journey. As we see more and more in America, the easy road never ends up being worth the time wasted on it. Nonetheless, many choose. Choose your road for your own happiness now and at the end of your life. Good travelling, Self friend ~ KL